Blue Cruise & Sailing Training

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  • You decided to spend your vacation onboard on 'blue voyage". Early bookings will get you special discounts and you will have the chance to pick the date you want when you call early. Please call the captain (me) directly or contact your agency for the date and the route.Although our boat is equipped to accommodate 10 people (4 queensize beds + 1 bunkbed), for your comfort it is recommended that you travel 8 adults and 2 kids max.

  • Please bring just enough clothing and accessories as we have limited storage, this is a rule of thumb for life on sea. Please prefer soft bags over hard case luggage.

  • Keep in mind that even in hot August days, you might need a set of fleece sweatshirt and sweatpants for nights and a rain jacket for bad weather.

  • Although you are not allowed to wear regular shoes onboard, it is important for your safety that you wear soft-sole non-slip boat shoes.

  • We have general cleaning supplies onboard, you have to bring your personal hygiene supplies.

  • Since we have limited storage -especially refrigerator- for food, please only shop for 3 day supplies for anything other than canned food like meat and poultry products and fresh fruits and vegetables. It's possible almost on every route to restock during the cruise.

  • Always keep your personal belongings in your cabin. There are 220 V/AC outlets in every cabin. Please use these outlets to charge your electronics. The living area is the common area, and the navigation desk is only for captain's study.

  • Please don't leave your personal belongings on the deck, especially during cruising. Your towel, hat, glasses, phone, laptop, tablet etc. might get tangled in the ropes and can create serious hazards onboard, or break or just fall into the water.

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